I want to print my image files. How can I upload a file to you?
For printing of images, please visit our main website. Images can be upload there at this page.

How long does it take for you to ship the papers?
We typically ship out items 1-2 business days after receiving the order.

The courier did not arrive at the scheduled time. What can I do?
The courier we use is obligated to re-deliver the package without charge. Please contact them at 1800-225 5888 with your tracking number to arrange for re-delivery.

You do not have stocks for the item I want to buy. When will stock arrive?
Please drop us a note here. We will advise from there.

I have seen this item on other websites. You want carry it?
Please drop us a note here. We will advise from there.

Do you ship outside of Singapore?
Yes we do. Please drop us a note here with the item you wish to purchase and shipping address. We will advise on shipping rates from there.

Can we buy papers at your shop?
Yes. However, we may not have all items at the shop. Please drop us a note here so that we can bring the items from our storage facility if it is there.